There is a reason that such a large number of bay area local people move toward the east bay in the wake of beginning families. Oakland and the encompassing areas east bay towns of Alameda, Berkeley, and past are amazingly kid-accommodating. While nothing in the San Francisco Bay area is modest, exercises and diversion in Oakland offer altogether more value for your money while as yet offering enormous city quality encounters.

Fun things to do in the summer of the East Bay Area of California

  1. Children’s Fairyland

A visit to this small scale amusement stop resembles being transported back in time. Kids’ Fairyland close to Oakland’s Lake Merritt was established in 1950 with the mission of giving family fun to visitors with youthful youngsters. At the point when Walt Disney was arranging Disneyland, he visited Fairyland to utilize it as a model. The recreation center is loaded with storybook scenes become animated, manikin appears, play spaces, and low-tech rides ideal for little children and preschoolers. The execution is basic, however, it makes the goal beguiling and one of a kind.

  1. Oakland aviation museum

Numerous local people don’t have the foggiest idea about the Oakland Aviation Museum even exists, making it one of the minimum swarmed and best-kept insider facts in the East Bay. You’ll see it tucked behind the rental auto focal point of the Oakland International Airport. The exhibition hall houses an accumulation of noteworthy business and a military flying machine. It doesn’t have the monetary allowance to be as brilliant and gleaming as a portion of the country’s all the more notable flight historical centers. Be that as it may, it compensates for that in history and energy for flight. Little children will love investigating the planes outside or moving in their own one of a kind small warplane, finish with threatening nose craftsmanship. More seasoned kids can catch up on their avionics history like the narrative of Amelia Earhart whose memorable yet bound flight withdrew from Oakland.


The Oakland Museum of California offers families a simple method to investigate the whole province of California while never leaving downtown Oakland. The gallery has three exhibitions including the workmanship, history, and normal art of the Golden State. More youthful kids will locate the common science exhibition the most intuitive and noteworthy. They can investigate the wide assortment of environments the state has while meeting a portion of its more irregular creatures. More established children who find out about the way of life and history of the state will appreciate seeing periods like Old Hollywood or San Francisco’s Summer of Love wake up in the California history display. Friday evenings at the gallery are a definitive family-accommodating night out, with sustenance trucks, music, and move exercises assuming control exhibition hall grounds.


On the off chance that the Fenton’s sign looks somewhat well-known, that is on the grounds that this creamery and eatery was shown up in the Pixar motion picture up. Also, it merits all of that popularity. With sundaes sufficiently huge for a whole family to impart to bounty left finished, Fenton’s is practically a kid’s blessing from heaven. Want a supper of coffee shop top choices or only a scoop as you are walking the close-by shops of Piedmont Avenue. Fenton’s likewise offers voyages through its frozen yogurt making offices on location for kids ages 6 and up. Call ahead to save.


Situated in the Oakland Hills, the Chabot Space and Science Center is a STEM-centered exhibition hall, planetarium, and working observatory. Youngsters can take in about the universe while simply having some good times playing space explorer. The planetarium indicates are a feature, with various motion pictures playing for the duration of the day adapted at a wide assortment of ages.


The Oakland Athletics is one of baseball’s most intriguing establishments. The Ann’s are popular for accomplishing more with less. The group had various effective seasons over the previous decade and a half with the littlest spending plan in baseball. In the event that you’ve perused Money ball or seen its film understanding, you most likely know the story. In any case, why families should mind is that the A’s shoestring spending makes their amusements a very reasonable excursion with kids. Multi-day out with the A’s doesn’t cost a lot as it does at most baseball stadiums around the nation. Tickets begin at $5 per situate amid a few advancements. What’s more, the environment at Ann’s amusements is fantastically kid-accommodating. The players are youthful, crude, and hungry, with a comical inclination and an adoration for the fans that is unmatched.


The Oakland Zoo is broadly known for its elephant display, yet it likewise offers a wide assortment of creature encounters and experiences. The zoo likewise has a skyway, a prepare, and a little arrangement of entertainment mecca rides outside the doors for an entire day of family-accommodating fun. The zoo is right now experiencing a noteworthy development called the California Trail that will include various open range creature living spaces on the encompassing slopes. An extensive gondola will take off finished the displays offering astounding perspectives.


Oakland’s sustenance scene has been giving San Francisco a keep running for its cash lately. What Oakland does particularly well is consolidate its underlying foundations in soul and solace sustenance with the new fixings that make California food so prevalent. The blend is enchanted. It likewise makes the sustenance somewhat more open to numerous children who may be demanding eaters. Scarcely any spots strike this adjust superior to Homeroom, an eatery in Oakland that has some expertise in macaroni and cheddar served twelve distinctive ways. While your little ones would chow be able to down on the exemplary dish, guardians can run somewhat bolder with a form finished with Sriracha or a Hawaiian assortment with pineapples, scallions, and ham.


Tilden Regional Park in the Oakland Hills is crammed with kid-accommodating undertakings and activities. The recreation center traverses the outskirt of Oakland and Berkeley, and has various climbing and biking trails. Families run to it to ride on board the noteworthy steam prepares and to take a couple of twists on the Tilden Merry-Go-Round. Try not to miss Tilden Little Farm for a child neighborly petting zoo encounter.


A visit to the USS Potomac in Jack London Square offers an opportunity to catch up on your own Depression and World War II period history while offering a history exercise to class matured children. The Potomac filled in as FDR’s presidential yacht and is dedicated to instructing visitors about his heritage. Dockside visits are accessible a few days a week or book a bay voyage for a more drawn out experience. After a visit, set aside some opportunity to investigate the shops and eateries of Jack London Square.


  1. Ride Local in The Laurel

Tree Cyclery, in the eponymous East Oakland neighborhood, has been repairing bikes for riders youthful and old, and doing everything from selling tubes and chain oil, since 2014. The shop is a local go-to for any individual who thinks about both supporting autonomous organizations and putting in miles on the seat every week, regardless of whether it be in the slopes or to work. Proprietor Jason Wallach (who’s envisioned having a decent time on the current year’s Summer Guide cover) has been doing the bike thing for quite a long time, and his group is focused on preparing all levels of cyclists for the streets. From individual experience, cycling is a helluva parcel more agreeable, more secure, and fun realizing that you can have an individual association with a bike shop and a technician. For example, on the off chance that you buy another ride from Laurel Cyclery, you’ll not just get complimentary tune-ups for the main year of the bike’s life, yet in addition the solace in realizing that another person likewise knows the inward workings of your ride, and will be there to keep it street prepared. There’s essentially nothing more regrettable than, say, rising Wildcat Canyon Road and having something crazy run down with your drive prepare. Or on the other hand, while in transit to work, getting a level. All the more motivation to help your neighborhood cycle shop

  1. Secret Society — With Sausages

Discretely tucked into the slope, there’s a semi-mystery Bavarian-styled hold up in the Muir Woods that offers asylum, brews, and considerably landjäger (which we are told is a semi-dried hotdog) for hungry climbers — or individuals dressed like hungry explorers who extremely just headed to the woodland to watch voyagers expand at huge trees while stoned. The most ideal route to the cabin is to climb in, however even the “easy way” includes a precarious half-mile-long plummet from the parking area along a plain trail. On the off chance that you influence it to The Tourist to club of San Francisco, your Mt. Cap experience is ensured to show signs of improvement. One of the numerous hotels around the globe, the club is controlled by Die Naturfreunde (The Nature Friends), established in Austria in 1895 to advance “nature thankfulness, outside exercises, preservation, manageability, and universal companionship and seeing.” Though more often than not the club requires an enrollment for get to — an application requires part endorsement, a promise to frequently assisting with upkeep and errands amid the club’s “work days,” and yearly duty — once in a while it is open for visitors and celebrations through the mid-year and fall. The individuals who pick up section can depend on being welcomed by cordial faces, tidbits, and drinks — and possibly an accordion player — to add to the feel and beautiful view. All ages are welcome, however pooches are not, and you need to bring money. Check their online social timetable for refreshes on visitor days and occasions.

  1. Solution to Potholes

Maintaining a strategic distance from Oakland’s potholes on a street bike ought to be a focused game, however now and again it’s simply better to swap thin tires for fatties and grasp trees and their underlying foundations. Truly, Oakland has a huge amount of climbing trails up in the slopes, yet not all are inviting to off-road bikes. Gratefully, there’s Big Trees Trail, Oakland’s solitary single-track mountain-biking course, in Joaquin Miller Park. With turns, turns, ups, downs, and the infrequent berm, it’s ideal for an after-work pressure alleviation riding session. The trailhead is situated on the west side of Skyline Boulevard, simply past the Chabot Space and Science Center, and there’s no charge to ride. While canines should be on a leash, couple of proprietors take after that lead, so keep your eyes peeled for meandering pooches and packs of families, particularly on the ends of the week

  1. Take a Missile Tour

Better believe it, we may all pass on in World War III before the following race. Be that as it may, in case you’re endeavoring to put the pugnacious Trumpian outside strategy “reasoning” in its appropriate setting, look no more distant than the Bay Area’s mist hung tops and valleys. In the 1960s, America was wagering on Armageddon. The feds manufactured many “Nike” rocket batteries in the tough ocean side slopes from the Marin headlands to San Mateo. These platforms were intended to assault approaching Soviet planes in what might have been humankind’s fantastic finale. Presently, disintegrating hubristic ruins roosted on clearing vistas of the Pacific and Bay, these steel and solid dugouts, some shrouded in spray painting, make for extraordinary climbing goals and outing spots.

  1. Backpack in the East Bay

The universally adored piece of an outdoors trip is the four-hour drive to get to the trailhead. Goodness, it’s definitely not? All things considered, at that point, we propose you keep it nearby. Like, hella neighborhood. It’s altogether conceivable — and totally invigorating — to design an end of the week exploring trip in the East Bay with insignificant time spent stuck in rush hour gridlock. Luckily, there campgrounds like Fern Dell, Girl’s Camp, and Trail’s End in Redwood Regional Park in Oakland; and Two Rocks, Bort Meadow, and Hawk Ridge in Anthony Chabot Regional Park in San Leandro, just to give some examples