Change Your Air Filter

Air filters should catch virtually all of the pollutants in the air. But eventually, the air filter is going to fill up, which means they’re not doing the job they’re meant to do. This means the pollutants are going back into your air rather than being filtered out, until you change your filter.

8 smart ways to maximize your indoor air quality

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Check the Air Ducts

These are what distribute the cold and hot air through the house. But when your ducts aren’t maintained they can also distribute contaminants throughout your house. As time goes by, things like mold, dander, and dust may build up in the ducts, which reduces your air quality.  The good news is that getting them cleaned by a local provider is quick, easy, and affordable.

Use vents in the Kitchen

A lot of air pollutants originate in your kitchen. Harmful contaminants are released by gas stoves, including nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide. Electric burners also produce these pollutants, though at lower levels. So be sure to ventilate your kitchen.

Clean Carpets & Rugs

If you have rugs or carpets in your house, you want to make sure that they are kept clean. Things like dust, dirt, dander, and other things are easily trapped in your rugs and carpets, and if you have children or pets, it can be even worse. Vacuuming helps, but sometimes a good steam cleaning is necessary to get it all.

Control Your Home’s Humidity

When humidity is high in your home, it’s a haven for mildew and mold, which can decrease your home’s air quality. So, it’s a good idea to keep your home’s humidity at safe levels. Humidifier and dehumidifiers can help with keeping it at a good level and make a huge difference.

Remove Boots & Shoes

Your shoes pick up a lot of things when they are out and about. Dirt, dust, dog feces, and allergens are some of the things that can be hitching a ride on your footwear. So, remove them before coming into the house. It will help keep your floors and carpets clean too.

Vacuum your furniture

The carpets and rugs aren’t the only things that can have dirt and dust on them. Your furniture can too. So use your vacuum cleaner’s attachments and give the furniture a once-over when you’re vacuuming.

Bring in Indoor Plants

Finally, one of the best ways that you can help with keeping your air clean in your home is to bring in some indoor plants. Small plants such as lilies, which will bloom indoors, as well as bigger plants, like parlor ferns, are great for pulling the contaminants from your air.