Air Duct Cleaning in Pleasanton, CA

Air ducts maintain proper airflow in the indoor space and ensure the HVAC system functions at its peak. However, blockages in the air duct can take a massive toll on the heating and cooling equipment, increase energy bills, and restrict clean and fresh air from circulating in the indoor space.

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If you experience uneven distribution of hot or cold air in your home, no airflow coming out of the vents, and increased energy bills every month, your HVAC system does not perform well. Air duct clogs occur due to:

  • Dirt, dust, and grime accumulation in the duct
  • Damaged or malfunctioned ductwork
  • Leaky ducts or physical obstructions
  • Closed zone dampers

Each of these problems requires proper diagnosis and solution. A professional air duct cleaner or technician sent by Bradford Air and Heating Co. in Pleasanton uses different methods and cutting-edge tools to clean the air ducts. [/column]

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Our technician follows a step-by-step approach to cleaning the air ducts. First, our technician will remove the screws from duct covers and use paper towels to cover the supply vents.

Next, the technician will set the thermostat mode to “Fan On” mode, followed by cleaning the supply registers and return registers. Our technician will test the air duct after cleaning the system. The purpose is to ensure the airflow is normal.

Reasons to Hire Bradford Air and Heating in Pleasanton, CA

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[column col=”1/2″]Although you can hire an air duct cleaning service at cheap prices, this approach will cost you a lot of money in the long run. The reason is that you will frequently perform air duct cleaning and HVAC repair due to inefficient maintenance. Here are a few reasons to hire Bradford services in Pleasanton, CA.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Bradford Air and Heating Co. aims to improve your home air quality by efficiently and thoroughly cleaning your home air ducts. The purpose is to prevent allergies and other respiratory conditions. Our well-trained and experienced technicians use the latest methods to clean and maintain air ducts.

As a result, you have improved indoor air quality, proper airflow, even distribution of warm or cold air, and a functional HVAC system. Fewer dirt and dust particles and allergens in the air are directly proportional to reduced risks of respiratory conditions.[/column]

Lower Energy Bills

Dirt, dust, and contaminants accumulated in the air ducts can clog the vents and reduce proper airflow for the indoor space. The restricted airflow causes severe strain on the HVAC system, preventing it from functioning correctly.

Increased strain or pressure on the HVAC system means the equipment will consume more energy to meet your home’s heating or cooling requirements. Higher energy bills can break the bank and destabilize your financial status.

Hiring Bradford’s professional air duct cleaning services can reduce energy bills and prolong the HVAC system’s life. HVAC systems with good airflow consume less energy and reduce electricity bills.

Prevent Costly Repairs

Our professional technician focuses on your home vents and ducts by inspecting the entire HVAC system. We follow a thorough approach to clean air ducts, preventing dirt, dust, debris, and allergens/contaminants from building up in the air ducts.

A well-maintained air duct means a properly functioning HVAC system. Preventive maintenance avoids costly repairs in the future and maintains optimal indoor air quality, giving you peace of mind.

If you experience problems with air ducts, now is the time to call our professional technician to diagnose the actual cause and resolve the issue immediately.

Duct Cleaning & More

Our team is also happy to offer air conditioning service in Pleasanton, as well as dryer vent cleaning services in Pleasanton.