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Our trusted and knowledgeable technicians have made quite the reputation for us. If you need heating and cooling in San Ramon, there is no one better than the team at Bradford Air and Heating to call. We handle the needs of homes and businesses alike, with special attention to the unique needs of every individual client from budget to preferences that affect comfort. And when getting your air conditioner repaired is an emergency, you’ll be happy to be in our responsive and competent hands. Learn more about the services we offer below.

repaired air conditioning condenser unit in San Ramon

Residential Air Conditioner Repair in San Ramon

Air conditioners can break down in a lot of different ways:

  • AC blowing hot air
  • AC unit running constantly
  • Condenser freezing up
  • Refrigerant or water leaking
  • AC turning on and off constantly
  • AC struggling to keep your house cool
  • AC keeps tripping circuit breaker
  • Significantly higher energy bills.
  • And more

When possible, our first choice is always to repair an air conditioner that isn’t working. We understand that for homeowners, an air conditioning system is a big investment. It’s also one you rely on to be comfortable and, depending on the temperature outside, even safe in your home. That’s why we always strive to offer fast, reliable, and affordable repairs, before even considering air conditioning replacement.

The good news is that there are few HVAC technicians in San Ramon who are more equipped to handle your air conditioning issues. All of our technicians are fully licensed and insured for your protection, so you’ll always be covered, no matter what. We arrive on site in our fully-stocked work trucks which contain all of the necessary parts for the majority of air conditioner repair needs, including evaporator coils, refrigerant, air handler parts, and more. Finally, you’ll enjoy fast, prompt service from our five-star rated team, giving you faster repairs, no mess, and more reliable equipment.

While our first priority is to repair your air conditioner, there are times when it does make more sense to replace your unit. If your air conditioner is more than eight years old, chances are good that the replacement parts are more costly, and even running at peak performance you’ll enjoy lower energy efficiency than you would from a new unit. When that time comes, our team only installs dependable equipment from the most trusted manufacturers in the heating and cooling industry.

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Air Duct Cleaning

Dirty air ducts are bad news. They don’t just impact your overall health, carry diseases, and make it harder to breathe in your own home. Dirty ductwork also impacts the life of your equipment, causing breakages long before they’re due.

The good news is that getting your air ducts cleaned is a fast & painless process that we can typically handle in a single afternoon.

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Residential Furnace Repair

residential furnace repair in progress

When freezing temperatures are approaching in the winter, you’ll be glad you have a reliable furnace. If you find out that you don’t, you should call our team. We offer a range of repair options at different levels of affordability, so you can get the repairs that you need to return your house to warmth in a budget that you can actually afford.

Sometimes, repairs aren’t enough. Even if we’ve given you a stopgaprepair, we may still recommend that you get a replacement in order to have more reliable and more efficient heating in the future. We take pride in offering accurate and fair pricing for new installations and all of our work, so you won’t be surprised about how much this will cost you.
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Dryer Vent Cleaning

A clogged dryer vent can cause a lot of problems. Dryer lint is extremely flammable, and can quickly combust when exposed to the smallest spark or flame. Dirty dryer vents cause literally thousands of fires each year, but avoiding them is as simple as scheduling a professional dryer vent cleaning service.

But having your dryer vents cleaned also has other benefits, like lowering your electrical costs, prolonging the life of your dryer, and making your dryer more efficient. So if your clothes are still wet after a full drying cycle, it might be time to schedule your vent cleaning.

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Commercial HVAC Services

Few residential HVAC companies can expand their services to the commercial world, but Bradford Heating and Air have been the exception for many years. We understand the unique needs of commercial clients and serve them faithfully. For example, we can keep multiple stakeholders, including tenants, informed about our work. We have advanced knowledge about the different heating and air conditioning systems in commercial buildings. Plus, we offer competitive pricing that will help you stay under budget without sacrificing the quality of your building.

We’re happy to work with multi-unit residential properties, municipal properties, retail, schools, medical campuses, industrial properties, municipal properties, and everything in between. Whether you need help getting your air conditioning working again, giving your heating a tune-up, adding new smart thermostats and environmental controls, upgrading system efficiency, or designing and installing a large scale system, we’re happy to help.

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Repairing a commercial rooftop AC system in San Ramon

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