Dryer Vent Cleaning in Pleasanton, CA

Dryer vents or air vents experience several issues, each requiring a unique cleaning method. Following a DIY approach can worsen the problem and take a massive toll on your dryer. Sometimes, an inspection reveals that the problem is due to incorrect vent installation and may require thorough repair.

Clogged dryer vents are the primary cause of dryer breakdowns in Pleasanton, CA. The good news is that you can hire a professional service like Bradford Air and Heating Co. to resolve the issue and ensure your dryer functions correctly.

Experts at Bradford Air and Heating Co. recommend homeowners clean the vents and clear them of debris even if they have already repaired or replaced the dryer. The purpose is to save time, reduce energy bills, and avoid potential issues.

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What Do We Do at Pleasanton, CA?

Bradford Air and Heating Co. is a reputable company in Pleasanton, CA, offering a wide range of services, including dryer vent cleaning and maintenance. Our well-trained, experienced, and skilled technicians inspect the vents and assess the course of action to prevent future problems.

We conduct a quality control inspection of our work after cleaning the dryer vent because we aim to ensure there is no trace of dirt, dust, debris, and lint in the dryer vent. Here are a few reasons homeowners in Pleasanton, CA, hire our services.


Bradford Air and Heating Co. has licensed and experienced technicians. We invest in regular employee training and development programs to help them learn about new systems and dryer vents.

Our technicians examine, clean, and verifies the venting system is correctly installed and maintained. The purpose is to develop an appropriate plan that aligns with the dryer venting system.

So, our technician will visit your home, inspect the dryer vent, and disconnect it from the dryer to perform thorough and efficient cleaning. We clean the air duct from the entry to the exit points and focus more on bends and elbows because these areas are more prone to lint accumulation.

a dryer vent that was cleaned by our experienced technicians

Premium-Quality Tools

Dryer vent cleaning is an excellent way to prevent high debris accumulation levels and reduce the fire risk. Instead of following a DIY approach to cleaning the vents or ducts, we suggest hiring a professional with expertise in cleaning dryer vents.

Bradford Air and Heating Co. in Pleasanton, CA, equips its technicians with state-of-the-art tools to do the job efficiently, reliably, and quickly. We use tools that help us reach the deep and hard-to-reach areas in the duct.

Affordable Pricing

Bradford Air and Heating Company cares about the Pleasanton community. Our company has strong ethical and community standards, allowing us to serve homeowners professionally.

We are not in the business of making piles of cash at others’ expenses. Instead, we are in the dryer duct cleaning business to help people. Although we have affordable pricing plans, we don’t compromise on the quality of services.

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Bradford Air and Heating Co. is a reputable company with years of experience and skilled technicians to clean and maintain your dryer vents. If you have questions from our professional technicians or want to schedule an appointment, don’t contact us today. We are also happy to offer HVAC services, including air conditioning repair in Pleasanton, as well as air duct cleaning in Pleasanton.

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