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When you’re too hot or too cold, you notice quickly. Our heating and cooling services in Fremont can keep you from the discomfort of broken HVAC equipment. We offer air conditioner repair and furnace repair for homes and commercial properties. You can trust us for responsive, quality work and the advice and other services you need to prevent the need for repairs next time, including dryer vent cleaning and maintenance work. Explore our offerings below and consider what HVAC services you might need or talk about it with our staff.

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Air Conditioner Repairs

Not only is air conditioning necessary in Fremont, but efficient air conditioning is also a huge priority. Anything you can do to keep your utility bill low while also keeping your house comfortable, is wise. At Bradford Air and Heating, it’s our priority to get your air conditioning running again and running well. You shouldn’t experience problems like hot spots, condensation, or an air conditioner that just never seems to keep up with demand. We can help you increase efficiency when your air conditioner doesn’t work well enough, and we can help you restore cooling power when the air conditioner is completely broken, and it’s an emergency.

Furnace Repairs

In our climate, heating is never quite the emergency that cooling is. But, the function of your furnace is still important to keep you comfortable and keep your home safe on the coldest nights. Unfortunately, many people fail to recognize when their furnace needs repairs and let it continue to malfunction and cost them in increased utility costs until the furnace breaks entirely. Break the cycle and learn to notice these signs that your furnace needs repair:

  • Mike is working on a furnace repair that was making weird noises

    Unusual noises: Your furnace should not make banging, squealing or crinkling noises. Most people are quite used to the noises their furnace makes when it is operating normally, so if a noise is suddenly catching your attention, chances are there is a problem.

  • Unusual smells: Rotten eggs and burning are two smells you should not ignore. Your furnace may have developed a gas leak, or it may be overheating or burning a nearby object. Professional help is necessary if you expect a gas leak.
  • Furnace turns on and off: Your furnace should turn on to raise the temperature to your settings and then turn off. But if it turns off prematurely, or turns on and off in short succession, then something is wrong.
  • Cold spots in your home: Even if it has always been there, a cold spot in your home signals inefficiency and poor design. We can resolve those issues and make your whole home comfortable.
  • Increased bills: Year-over-year, your heating bills should be stable. Sharp increases are a sign that there is some kind of issue with your furnace that is costing you.

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