Livermore is part of Alameda County, which overall has an “F” ranking from the American Lung Association in terms of air quality. In fact, as part of the Bay Area, Alameda County has some of the worst air quality in the whole country. On the other hand, being on the outskirts of this area does help Livermore keep slightly better air quality than more dense areas. When it comes to your health, understanding the nuances of Livermore air quality is very important. Here’s what you need to know.

Livermore air quality: how does it rank and why it matters

How is Livermore Air Quality?

At first glance, you might think that air quality in Livermore is especially poor. The Bay Area is notable for having quite poor air quality, and Alameda County is only slightly better than the other counties in the area. According to the American Lung Association, Alameda County gets an F for both Ozone pollution and short-term particle pollution.

However, being on the edge of the county does mean that Livermore has better quality than other areas. It’s not perfect, but there are fewer “moderate” and “unhealthy” air quality days here than in surrounding areas. There are also only a handful of “very unhealthy” or “hazardous” days on record in since 2018. That said, there are still risks from low air quality in Livermore than it is wise to protect yourself from.

Livermore air quality declines in late in summer and continues to be relatively poor through fall, usually peaking at its worst in November. You’ll find that each year can vary significantly. For example, in 2022, late August air quality was much worse than normal. In 2018, it was early November that was worst. Ideally, you’d keep up with current rankings for air quality so you can protect yourself.

Why Does Air Quality Matter?

The American Lung Association recommends on days with poor air quality you move exercise and other activities indoors. However, if your home air quality isn’t great, you’re not getting too much protection. Poor air quality can impact your health, particularly if you or someone you live with is in a high-risk group. This includes:

  • People with asthma
  • People with COPD
  • People with lung disease/lung cancer
  • Those with chronic emphysema
  • Pregnant women and infants
  • The elderly

How to Improve Your Air Quality

What do you need to do to make your home a safe haven in the event that air quality is low in Livermore? There are a few ways your HVAC system can keep the air in your home healthier:

  • Ventilation: Ventilating your home prevents the build-up of certain airborne contaminants and also makes the air feel fresher and smell better.
  • HEPA filters: HEPA filters can pick up many of the airborne contaminants that will collect in your home, including things like allergens and mold spores.
  • Carbon cartridges: Carbon cartridges in your HEPA filter can absorb smaller particles which may be hazardous to your health.

Reach out to HVAC technicians you trust to discuss which air quality solutions are the best option for you.