When the colder temperatures come, we turn on our heaters and hope that our house warm up. But that’s not always the case. Sometimes no matter how high your set your thermostat, your home never seems to be comfortable.

Here are five things possible causes of a furnace not being able to keep up with the demands that you are putting on it and what you can do about it.

Why is my furnace not keeping up with my thermostat?

Your Thermostat Might be the Problem

Before spending a lot of money paying for new equipment and expert opinions, think that the issue could be that you need a new thermostat. It’s possible that yours is outdated and old, so it’s reading temperatures wrong. This sends your furnace the incorrect message. When your thermostat’s not doing its job, it will keep your furnace from doing its intended job.

Your Sensor is Broken

Make sure that your furnace is regularly inspected to make sure everything’s in proper, clean, working condition. A blocked or dirty sensor may intercept signals that are sent to your furnace so that the temperature is wrong.

The Filter is Dirty

Dirty filters block airflow, and this can keep the furnace from completely heating up. Make sure that your filter’s being changed when needed and check that nothing big is around your furnace that can impede airflows. Keep clear paths and clean ducts.

Your System is Overheated

When your furnace becomes overheated, it’s very dangerous. If it’s overheating the furnace might turn off too soon. This means that it won’t meet your set temperature. If there doesn’t seem to be anything obvious wrong with your furnace and everything looks like it’s working, you want to get in contact with a professional technician to take a look.

The Furnace is the Wrong Size

Even though this seems pretty silly, the answer might be that you need a smaller or bigger furnace. If your furnace isn’t big enough, it’s not going to be able to keep up with your home’s demands. If your furnace is too large, it will heat up that are that’s beside your thermostat too fast. This will tell your thermostat that it’s warmed up and it should turn off. But with a furnace that’s too small, it will never reach the right temperature.

These are five possible reasons why your furnace isn’t working the way that you want it to. The best time to do something about it is in the fall, before the weather really starts to get cold. This way you can figure things out and make sure that your furnace and your thermostat are ready for when the chilly weather hits.

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