How often do you think about your home’s air ducts? If you don’t think about them very often, chances are that they could use a good cleaning. But having clean air ducts isn’t just about keeping your air ducts clean. It’s also about helping to protect your family’s health. Below are 5 of the ways that dirty air ducts will impact the health of you and your family.

5 ways dirty air ducts impact your health

Worsens Health Conditions

If you are someone who already suffers from things like asthma or other types of related illnesses, air ducts that are dirty can lead to major reactions. There are things that can breed in those ducts, such as allergens, and these can go around your whole house. This can lead to symptoms such as lung inflammation. Even some pulmonary conditions will experience a few flares when the ducts are unclean since both the pulmonary and respiratory systems depend on air that’s inhaled.

Increase The chances of Colds & Allergies

Colds, sores throats, allergies, and consistent coughing are some of the respiratory issues which can happen because of your HVAC’s system being unclean. These complications and health problems are because your air ducts often house a lot of germs, bacteria and sometimes even fungus. These can increase as time goes by and spread down the ducts’ length. This in turn can lead to mold growing, which also will go through your home via the ducts, getting into your lungs and body.

Invites Unwelcome Pests Leaving Droppings

Since air ducts tend to be damp and warm places where the organisms are going to thrive well, things like insects and rodents often will take up residence. They’ll then leave droppings around. These droppings are dangerous and the spores in the fecal matter goes through your home’s air.

Immunity is Affected

The things that are getting into your air ducts get into your body. This will lead your system to become weaker over time since it’s overworked. With your body’s oxygen levels being reduced due to the germs and contaminants, your system is functioning a lot harder without having enough resources. This is going to cause your body and immune system a lot of stress and it will be less efficient and strong.

Creates Stress

Since air ducts that are dirty aren’t filtering indoor air the way they should, the dust that’s inside the house isn’t removed. It’s just circulated. Imagine all of the dust, dirt, pet dander, pet hair and shed skin cells briefly going into the air when you dust, then being sucked into your air ducts only to be blown back into the air. That’s really stressful!

As you can see, having air ducts that are dirty can lead to a lot of health issues. So why not help you and your family avoid all of these health problems by having your air ducts professionally cleaned? You are going to find that you’re feeling a lot better and that your house is a lot more pleasant.

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