Seeing a huge puddle of water around your furnace can be a scary thing. It may appear as if your furnace is leaking water. But that’s not always the case. Either way, you are worried. You don’t know what is causing it and you have no idea what to do about it. Well, the good news is that there are a few reasons why you might be seeing that. Let’s look at them below.

what does it mean if my furnace is leaking water?

You Have a Leak in Your Humidifier


Some houses have their humidifier attached to their furnace. These kinds of devices help with putting moisture right into the air, which can give you a few benefits. But if the system has a leak, this can cause the water to start dripping on the floor. This usually will happen when there’s a clog or broken component around or in the humidifier.

There’s a Condensation Leak

If your furnace is leaking water, condensation leaks are very commonly the reason. Since a lot of the modern furnaces are highly efficient, it will require two instead of one heat exchange so that they can work properly. This will cause condensation and the moisture gets out of the house through your pipes. The water usually will go through your floor drain.

When these pipes are clogged or broken, this can mean that water is getting into the system. If you’re noticing water pooling around the furnace, this might be your problem. So give an HVAC professional a call.

Your Filter is Clogged

Water leaking from your furnace might also be due to a dirty or clogged furnace filter. Although these filters are used for cleaning our air and helping us stay healthy, that debris also can become trapped inside of them as time goes by. This can lead to a restriction of airflow through the coil.

If you’re noticing water leaking or your coil is frozen, you want to call a professional in to have it fixed.

Leak in the Plumbing

Finally, you might have a leaking furnace because you have a leak in your plumbing. Even though you might believe it’s from the furnace, it might be from the home’s plumbing system. Unless you’ve got a huge plumbing problem in your house this is probably a good thing. It might mean that your furnace is totally fine so that you can save a lot of money. But the plumbing problem shouldn’t be ignored either.

Since the pipes could be close to the furnace, it’s quite easy to believe that you have a leak with your furnace when it’s the plumbing. So, either way, you want to call a plumber in to see what is happening.

These are four reasons why you might be seeing a puddle of water around your furnace. If you are experiencing this problem, take out this list and see if it could possibly be one of these reasons. Then give a plumber a call to help you with fixing them.

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